This too, is Kevin....

Kevin is hands on teacher and artist......." I have been featured on Television, at large arts festivals, and top professional arts festivals demonstrating my craft.My path to my  vocation is ingrained with instruction." .......Originally major in Arts Education at The University of Findlay.While earning My M.F.A. at Fort Hays State University is where... "My throwing skills became exceptional"....

Located at 400 West Rich street. The arts hub for columbus, ohio. At Studio 136


All Classes that are taught By professional ceramists. Experienced potters and ceramic artists  will show the techniques that work .

prepared to create a successful project working in clay, we take our Instruction seriously.  Ceramics is a fun and exciting  experience when introduced by a knowledgeable ceramic artists! 

Our History

Founded by Kevin Russell, Ceramic Artist, in 2008. I have been working in clay for over 30 years.I have been teaching ceramics for twenty years. I have taught ceramics and sculpture at colleges,and taught workshops around the United States. I have worked with Tom Radca, Jim Leedy,  Richard Paldino, Ed Corle , and Brad Birkhimer. If the fall of 2014 We are moving to the location at 400 West Rich Street-Studio 136 - Columbus Clay Works

  • A place to celebrate the best material "CLAY".
  • Always do right by the materials, and the client.
  • You are designing ,creating and in the first place created to push ceramic skills.
  • No matter how you do it, leave your mark, and have fun creating in clay!

This is Kevin. He likes to design and Teach Ceramics ....

Kevin's path to becoming an ceramist was as direct as they come. When he was 11 years old, he learned use the potter's wheel...


"I wanted to be one of the best ceramists in the world." Kevin Russell......

The die was cast, and Kevin started on the path to develop into one of the best wheel throwing artist in the United States.

Columbus Clay Works