Columbus Clay Works

Featured Equpment & Materials

Equipment is the backbone of great Ceramic Work!

At Columbus Clay Works....

We love the opportunity to get people that have experience from other starter programs. We have the true professional tools to make your creative vision possible....You will have a choice of the type of wheel that you are used to using; Brent, Soldner, Shimpo, Bailey, Speed Ball. You will access to the type of trimming equipment you are used to using (3) Giffin Grips, Bailey Quick Trim..... ​Make your vision a reality !

Setting the Bar for the amount of Equipment at your finger tips!

At Columbus Clay Works.....

We pride ourselves in having the best brands at your finger tips.


  • Bluebird Deairing Pug mill
  • North Star Stainless Steel Extruder
  • Brent SR 20 Slab Roller
  • Creative Industries Bat System, Both round and square bats...
  • Raku Kilns using the latest technology
  • Skutt Computer controlled Electric kilns

Materials: Featuring


                  We are a distributor for 

                Columbus Clay Company!

Materials make the difference!
We might produce the perfect object but the materials need to be able to preform.This must be for one project or a hundred.  I am a client for Columbus Clay for my own work. It's a necessary part of the creative ceramic process and one that we take seriously.

Here is how we utilize the materials, 

make Professional Work:

  • The Glazes at are made by hand by a professional and used in my own work.
  • Kilns that are fired by a ceramics professionals
  • Processes are explained in detail
  • Advanced students take active role in firing, loading and unloading. No mysteries of processes...
  • Students using studio clay body will have the ability to recycle their studio clay. 
  • Studio and Wedging table is able to accommodate porcelain.
  • Students can create that is made for plan based on goals and objectives that includes milestones and contingencies. Critiques and portfolio development is available . (hourly studio fees apply).