Columbus Clay Works

  Tuesday Studio

6pm to 9pm

 Friday Studio

6pm to 10pm

 Saturday Studio


All classes must be paid before studio time starts each night.

Beginning Classes - Two hours in Length start at the opening of each studio day. Students will keep their best piece of the class. Pieces will be decorated that night by the student colored slips and bisque fired. A clear glaze will be applied and glaze fired by staff. (students can have the option to glaze their own work by paying for additional studio time). (2 week turn around on completed works).  $40 per class 

Advanced Classes

Studio Time is 15$ per hour.

 Clay can be purchased for .50 cents a pound.

Three hour time blocks can be purchased at 45$ (includes 12 pounds of clay)

Bisque Firing is charged by 1/2 shelf (one kiln shelf) by 8 inches in height is 30$ for bisque kiln load.(1/6 of a kiln load)

Low Fire loads are also 30$ per 1/2 shelf (one kiln shelf) by 8 inches in height. Low fire 06 green , blue, and clear.

Cone 6 Firings 50$ per 1/6 of a load (8 inches by one kiln shelf) (access to 4 studio glazes included) *shop glazes vary by season 

Raku Firing 40$ per load.( access to green ,blue, and clear 06)

Horse Hair firing will be 30$ per load.

Foil Saggar firing will be 50$ per load.

Large loads can also be arranged, prices are subject by estimate.

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