Teaching Philosophy

          While a dedicate Artist in Clay, I am equally dedicated to being an Arts Educator. Teaching energizes me for creating my own work. I am still a student my self, working with Tom Radca, Richard Paldino , and many other ceramic artists. I continue to grow my self.

        The students are a constant reminder in why I teach. The students desire to learn inspires me each day. I want to share my knowledge to help develop students creativity. Arts Education and Ceramics is what I have dedicated my life. I feel that I am improving the lives of my students through my instruction, I am enabling students in harnessing their creativity. I am wanting to help my students reach their potential. If a student is doing ceramics for personal exploration, or developing a portfolio to get into a under graduate, or graduate program, I want to enable those goals. The techniques and skills are the spring board of creativity.....

Columbus Clay Works